British Polar Engines Limited Service Engineers are available to attend customer’s vessels worldwide, when and wherever needed, our engineers are more than capable of carrying out a vast range of engineering work on board the vessel, for example;

• Engine Routine Maintenance and Service
• Troubleshooting
• Upgrade and Retrofits
• Machinery Measurement and Analysis
• In-situ Machining
• Engine Major Overhaul.

BPE services activities are not limited to the examples shown.

Our Field Service Engineers have direct contact with our Technical Support Team in BPE Glasgow.


British Polar Engines Limited have gained many decades of experience working in the offshore oil service industry, at home in the North Sea and overseas in places such as the Gulf Of Mexico, Alaska, Canada, and the far east.

British Polar’s client list includes some of the world’s largest major oil production companies.

Our offshore group of engineers are fully trained in all oil related health and safety procedures including survival training. Primarily BPE Engineers work on the maintenance of British Polar Engines however they can diversify to undertake maintenance work on most makes of engine.


The expertise of British Polar Engines Limited in the industrial power generation Supply and Maintenance sector has made the diversification into Onshore and Offshore wind farm machinery maintenance a seamless process. BPE offers a comprehensive service to the renewable wind energy sector by utilising an already existing experienced engineering staff along with the latest technology.


British Polar Engines Limited has many years experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of standby power generation equipment. We also have experience with companies involved in the ever growing communications industry supplying power backup in the event of mains failure. We also play a vital part in the maintenance of wireless telecommunication masts. We ensure that the standby generators at these remote (and at times inaccessible) sites are kept in prime condition.

Engineer Wind turbines Telecommunications mast